I’m Back!

Sorry about my recent hiatus. My thesis took over my life! It is finally all done, printed, and handed in and I can get back to the things I love again – like blogging!

There have been some recent changes in my life, the biggest being moving back to Canada from New York City. Though I still love NYC, and I am definitely going to miss the shopping, home is where the heart is!

On one of our last days, I simply had to do something quite silly… I went to Lady M for a delicious breakfast of four slices of cake and a pot of tea (though the bf got a beautiful iced cappuccino that you can see in the background). I definitely recommend anyone visiting the city to do the same! Though maybe just make it two or three… we had a hard time getting through them all!

There is much more to come and you can expect my daily posts again starting today!

– Torie




SKT Ceramics

Hello all! Sorry for my impromptu mini vacation. I have been spending way too much time at the library and haven’t felt creative at all. That’s what happens when you pour over books for 10 hours everyday!

I just wanted to share some beautiful new buys from the Brooklyn Flea by SKT Ceramics. I’ve been looking at these for a long time and finally decided to pick out 4 favourites. Can’t wait to use them!


Check out SKT Ceramics here and fall in love with every piece!

New Bling.

My friends Caitlin and Colie came to visit NYC earlier this week. We had some amazing times! Except Colie and I couldn’t stop obsessing over some new bling Caitlin, ahem, “received” before coming down. So exciting!! I just had to snap this shot while we were running around the Cloisters like the history geeks that we are.



Congratulations Caitlin and Chris!

Art Hamptons 2012

Last Saturday I travelled out to Bridgehampton, New York for Art Hamptons with my friend Laura. It was so nice to get out of NYC! Especially during this evil heat. The fair was quite small (compared to mega ones like Art Basel Miami and Frieze New York) and had a variety of art forms and styles.

I particularly enjoyed the outdoor sculptures.

Soldiers, Nova Mihai Popa

Encircled, Gino Miles

Towers, Nova Mihai Popa

And this sheep was just awesome.