Mikhael Kale

Last night I joined a friend of mine at the Corkin Gallery for a preview of Mikhael Kale’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Everything was so beautiful! Here are some pictures from my Blackberry (yes, I have two phones right now…) and sorry about any quality issues but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to bring my big Canon! Therefore they aren’t the nicest around, but if you want to see more, check out Mikhael Kale’s website here.

This one was definitely my favourite.

Such an amazing colour palette.





On Sunday the bf and I went to lie in Central Park, an activity that we had yet to take advantage of! It was lovely. We were perched up on one of the big rocky outcrops, spread out our blanket, kicked off our shoes, and read. There’s nothing better than that on a Sunday afternoon!

Lazy Friday

Hurrah! My last post was my 50th, which I didn’t even realize until after I actually published it… I am so happy to have made it this far!

Since its a Friday night and I assume that the majority of you have either gone out (or gone to sleep), I thought I would share something fairly simple. I picked up the December 2011 copy of Vogue Australia last week (ya, I’m a little behind the times…). I was so drawn to the cover which is incredibly simplistic in design but has such amazing colour and composition. Bravo to photographer Max Doyle and fashion editor Naomi Smith!

The colours and patterns of the clothing against the Kalahari desert is beautiful. All of these images make me want to hop on a plane to Africa tonight!

Happy Fridays 🙂



A little bit of Thursday evening inspiration…

I got the April 2011 edition of W last weekend when I saw that the stars of the new Jane Eyre movie were on the cover. Naturally, I bought it and instantly fell in love with both the magazine and the shoot. It was so simple yet so beautifully caught by photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Here are some of the pics!

I want to see this movie so badly but it’s not playing anywhere in Kingston! If anyone knows where I can see it, please let me know! Pretty sure I’d pack up my car and drive for miles and miles…

Purdy Tinnggsss

So I have been ridiculously absent from here lately! My life has been entirely about Mattia Preti. Who knew that a man who died in 1699 could steal all of my time!

I wanted to share some recent purchases that I have made. For some reason, I am having a real love for animal and insect themed accessories!

Here are some of my finds:

My fox ring, octopus ring, and antler necklace.

This ring has so much detail. I absolutely love it.

My boyfriend gave me this necklace for Valentine’s Day (after I told him to get it for me…)

And lastly, my most recent purchase from Urban Outfitters. As soon as we walked in, my friend Laura said “Torie, this is so you.” So obviously I had to try it on… and then buy it… It’s so perfect! It’s cropped and a button down. The colourful bees actually match everything so I will be wearing it a lot this summer while travelling! Love it!

I will be back posting regularly again soon. My friend Laura will be giving me a tour of her studio in the next couple of days so look forward to that!

Happy Thursday!