Monday Project


I find that I am never very productive on the weekends. By the time Monday rolls around, I have a list of things I simply must get done. Therefore all of my projects tend to come to fruition on Mondays. Here is my first one, a simple way to display your photos! I have so many. I have taken my Fujifilm Instax Mini just about everywhere with me over the last few years. It is so fun to use!

Materials List

What you will need:

  • string/twine (I used Divine Twine from my local stationary store)
  • pushpins (I got mine at the same local shop or you can find them here)
  • clothespins (you can find these at your local dollar store)
  • photos (I used my Fujifilm Instax Mini photos but any will do!)

Extra things to make your life a little easier:

  • measuring tape
  • pencil


  1. Measure and mark the placement of your first 2 pushpins. I eyeballed the first, then measured the distance from the top of the wall and then the distance between the first and second pin (to aid in the placement of my second row)
  2. Tie your string on either end and determine the looseness you would like it to have
  3. Use the clothespins to add your photos!
    • If you are doing more than 1 row, this will be important to determine how much lower you will need to place your next set of pushpins, since the photos will weigh the string down. Then just measure and mark the next set of pushpins!


I really wanted to do 5 rows but thought that Charlie would have waayyy too much fun pulling all the photos down! I think there are also some great ways to do with without making holes in your walls. I own my apartment so it wasn’t a big concern for me. There are some really great options available out there; such as the Command hooks and even sticky tack (that is meant for walls) with a decorative element like a great clothes-button overtop to hide it.



Happy Monday!


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