So lets talk about this little devil.


After I moved home in September 2012, I began to think about adopting a dog. My Bouvier des Flandres, Tess, had passed away that Spring and I was ready to start again. I thought about purchasing from a breeder but I really wanted to adopt. I researched multiple local rescue groups, but one day in December, while on the Toronto Humane Society website, 3 little West Highland White mix puppies appeared. My grandmother had always had Westies and Jack Russell Terriers so I understood the terrier attitude and had the time (yay recent master’s graduate and no job opportunities wooo) to focus on the pup. So I raced down and met “Cotton”, the last puppy available and the one with the most curious temperament. He simply had to come home with me.


When I brought him home, he was truly a terrier. He had an attitude and wasn’t afraid to show it! He made me laugh and on the rare occasion he made me cry. My good friend Jane recently made the great remark that he grows more and more hilarious every time you see him, as his quirky and loveable character emerges from his shyness. I must say that one of the most difficult aspects of having a dog is… the SHOPPING. Expect to see a blog post soon about all of my favourite design-savvy dog items!

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