Blog Post #1. Again.

Hello again! I have not written on here for over a year now but I am ready to share my boring life once more. One of my friends recently told me that I have the type of personality that, if you don’t see me for a year you wouldn’t notice, for when we are talking it is as if no time has passed at all. I am hoping that this will prove to be the same here on my blog!

Let me begin with the present. I have returned to my hometown of Toronto, the land of ice, cold, and beauty. I never realized how wonderful it was until I left! While New York was fun for a year, I did not see myself staying there forever. Upon moving to Manhattan, I began experiencing intense anxiety that manifested itself as panic attacks, migraines, and constant nausea. I wasn’t enjoying my school program and making friends proved to be difficult in such a competitive environment. I felt isolated and began to withdraw. I visited my doctor when I returned home over American Thanksgiving and she was very concerned about my condition. I knew I had to enter the land of the living (horrible cliché but very true in this regard for I was a zombie) once again. I made it my mission to find some like-minded companions, or should I say, some other wonderful-magical-food-loving-fun-having buddies. And I did!

I decided to move back home in September 2012 to finish my thesis and be with my family. While it was not easy to return, I did it with the knowledge that my heart was with my family.

I also have a new buddy to join me on all of my journeys. Meet Charlie, seen here with my boyfriend, Ioan. I will tell you more about this crazy little pup one day.


Anyways, I am back and full of happiness and enthusiasm! It will take a lot to drag me away from this blog now. If anyone is still reading this after my extreme hiatus, expect to see more of me, my life in Toronto, my love of art and design, and the occasional adventures I still get to experience.

See ya later, alligator.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #1. Again.

  1. Jane says:

    Sheeeee’s back!!

    Just wanted let you know I admire your bravery for sharing what you went through in Manhattan. It’s not always easy for people to be openly vulnerable on the world wide web (myself included), so I totally applaud you for your honesty! Love ya, lady.

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