The Sisters in Brooklyn

The Almighty Sister and I toured around Brooklyn today. We started at the Brooklyn Flea for a little browsing and then stopped for lunch at The General Green. After a cocktail and some eggs, we headed up to Williamsburg for some shopping and sightseeing. I used both my iPhone and my camera for these so there’s a bit of a mix!

The plants were confused… It’s still February, remember?

I ended up with all of these goodies – 2 Catbird candles, one of their totes that the lovely ladies gave me, and lots of Mast Brothers Chocolate!

I love travel candles. I actually do take them all over the place! You can check out these ones here. Maybe I’ll start a little collection?

The Almighty Sister also ended up walking away with 2 beautiful rings that you can see amongst their gorgeous jewellery collection. I’ll show you more pictures of those tomorrow!

And helloooooo yumminess. I have been kind of obsessed with visiting the Mast Brothers Chocolate storefront for a while so I was so happy to finally get to! I absolutely love their packaging. I highly recommend a visit or you can check out their online store here!

The Almighty Sister and I will wander around tomorrow as well so we’ll see what we come home with. Wish us luck!

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