Tonight I thought I would share some photos from Ireland. I visited a few years ago now when my sister was there on exchange for a year. My mother, my aunt, my cousin and I flew over for a week in the Spring.

We stayed in the ever-hopping Temple Bar area of Dublin at a kind of Neo-Gothic boutique hotel. It was cool, but a little bit too modern for my mother. It also had a nightclub, which basically equaled no sleep…

Flowering trees around Trinity College.

We were told that the Irish would swim all year long, no matter what the water temperature may be.

But doesn’t it look oh so tempting?

We also took a rather hilarious trip to the Wicklow Mountains. It was in this very spot that our tour guide whipped out the small cups and the alcohol…

Beautiful rolling (green) hills.

Pretty pretty everywhere and not a drop to spare.

An early medieval monastery.

We also took a short little trip to Cork. I want to live in one of those πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to go back and see more!

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