The Almighty Sister Goes To France

Sorry everyone for the delay in posting this week’s Almighty Sister story! She actually sent it to me last night but I was the one distracted by champagne and chocolates! So bad…
I have been fortunate enough to have ample opportunities in life to travel. In addition to the four months I spent traveling in 2009, I also participated in a full year exchange to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

During 9 months abroad I traveled as often as possible, for travel within Europe was inexpensive and easy. I made the journey to France twice during my year abroad – once to Paris with one of my girlfriends from high school, and once to the South of France to meet up with one of my university housemates.


My must-sees are the Rodin Museum and the MusΓ©e d’Orsay. I spent hours (literally) wandering each one. I spent another day and a half in the Louvre (if you love art, highly recommend planning for this!).

Inside the MusΓ©e d’Orsay.

Peace Monument & Eiffel Tower.

Rodin’s The Kiss.

At Rodin’s museum.

South of France

The view overlooking Nice in the South of France. We stayed in a great little hostel near the train station and spent a good amount of time taking in the sun and enjoying the food and drinks.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to visit this beautiful region of the world, this one is a picture of the beach in Monaco. I highly recommend a day trip to this beautiful city.

The legendary casino in Monaco.

A perfect afternoon in the south, this time in Cannes.

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