Almighty Sister Post III: Italy

One of my co-workers is trying to decide between France and Italy for an upcoming trip so I figured I would jump around a bit and talk about my favorite bits of Italy (or at least the parts I have visited) before I go back to Spain.

On my trip I visited Florence, Milan, and Venice (I skipped Rome only because I had been two years earlier).  Hands down, my favourite city was Burano, an easy boat ride from Venice. While I loved the architecture, museums, and food throughout the country, I found this tiny island comforting. Wandering around the brightly coloured houses I felt connected to the past, as though the island had not changed in centuries. It was a welcome, calm break from the busy city I had come from.  I highly recommend anyone visiting Venice taking a trip out to this enchanting island!

One of the smaller waterways on Burano. I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful houses!
A well used boat on Burano.

Another city I found completely  enchanting is the small village of San Gimignano. The city has 14 towers still standing (of the 72 originally built) and is built on a hill overlooking the breath-taking views. We also appreciated the ice cream and incredible leather goods. My girlfriends and I took in the city via a multi-city day tour from Florence.

The towers.
The towers again (I know, I need to be more patient to get people out of my photos!)
My girlfriends and I with a view of Tuscany.
Lastly, one of my girlfriends and I visited Cinque Terre, a stretch of 18km of cliffs linking five villages cut off by mountains, olive groves, and vineyards. The location is a World Heritage site and I highly recommend anyone in the area make time to hike between the villages and spend some time on a beach.

A sign along the hike.
Beautiful places to rest along the way.
A view…
One of the villages.
More next week!

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