Lamb Khorma

I received some new cookbooks courtesy of my aunt this past week and was quite eager to try a new recipe last night. I decided I would attempt to make Lamb Khorma, a creamy lamb dish that has a wonderful kick of spices and heat. It was pricey, but we have a very large amount of leftovers and some extra meat and bone that I am going to attempt to make a stock with! Delicious…

Ginger, garlic, and lamb – 3 of my favourite things!

The lamb in a yogurt marinade with the ginger and the garlic.

Lots of cashews πŸ™‚

That you grind into a yummy paste.

Mmmmmm the spices… that I had to grind up with a spoon because the ground spices are far too expensive at my grocery store.

All of the cashews, onions, spices, and peppers combined.

Then mix in the lamb and its yogurt marinade πŸ™‚

Then just simmer, at the cream, and voila!

I definitely love this book. All of the recipes are easy and yummy πŸ™‚ I’ll post more in the future!


Check it out on Amazon here:

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