The Almighty Sister and Her Guest Post

I asked my sister, Ali, to contribute to florence & lavender every week so as to create a little variety in images and stories. She has been on some amazing adventures and so I really wanted her to share them with you all! Today is the first and stay tuned over the next few weeks for more.


Hi everyone!

So Torie has asked me to write about some of my travels. Two years ago I took the opportunity of a lifetime and traveled around the world in four months. I spent a month in Europe, two months in Asia, and a month in Australia before joining my family in Florida for Christmas.

In planning my trip I spent a lot of time online figuring out what sights I HAD to see, which made the globe a lot more manageable! Some highlights include the Palace in Madrid, the canals of Venice, the Great Wall of China, friends in Hong Kong and Singapore (among others!) , and surfing in Australia.

I also set a goal for each continent. Europe was all about getting outside my comfort zone and learning to talk to anyone, anywhere. Asia was about learning to go with the flow! Lastly, Australia was about trying something new – I count skydiving and surfing as β€˜new’!

I have a ton of photos from the trip, so each week I will cover a new place/story/experience. If you want to hear more about a particular experience or location let us know!

Happy Travels,


A little Florence at sunset…

A hazy Great Wall of China.

These waterfalls in Laos were on my “must-visit” list after spotting them in a friends photos on Facebook.

Jumping (well, more like falling) out of a plane over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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