Brooklyn Flea

This morning I ventured to the Brooklyn Flea for some fun. I hadn’t been before (which is very surprising for I love all things old – just ask my boyfriend, he knows all about the “men I would marry…” list that involved such people as Gregory Peck, who is, as we all know, dead). I guess I just got too caught up in school in the Fall and I’ve missed doing some of the things I had on my must-do list for this year.

The Flea was such an adventure and I will definitely be back!

It is held in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank and is a remarkable space.

So many goodies!!! I loved the old drafting table that you can see in the left of the photo. I wanted to get some close-up shots of things but most places had no photo signs. I’ll be sneakier next time and won’t lug around my giant camera…

The vault downstairs. That guy’s obviously testing it out.

The food was awesome! Here is a picture of some of the goodies from Pupusas…

And the lobster mac & cheese from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Yuuuummm….

You can learn more about the Brooklyn Flea on the organization’s website: If you can’t make it to the Flea yourself, you can check out the vendors’ sites through the website.

Happy shopping!

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