Bedford Ave.

Yesterday I went out for a little adventure to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn with my friend Laura. I hadn’t been out that way yet so it was quite fun! I love exploring new areas and this one definitely proved to be a fruitful expedition.

We started out by the water to get some nice city shots. I can see my place! Jokes…

I had to take a picture of the brave ducks… Conquering both the cold and the garbage.

Took the cards of a couple of wonderful decor stores. I would love to be able to have something like that one day!

Also loved this store. I had heard of it before but hadn’t yet visited. I walked out with this…

I really love unique little boxes and I figure since I have so much little stuff its okay, right?

It’s perfect for my polaroids! Until I arrange them in some amazing way in my future home…

I also got 2 cute cards from Catbird by Egg Press (Β and The Great Lakes Goods ( Here are some examples of their works:

I definitely recommend checking them out since Valentine’s Day is coming up πŸ˜€

Thanks to Laura for showing me around and I’ll be back in Brooklyn tomorrow for some more adventures! Cheers!

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