Dreaming of a Beach… Already

Sorry for the late post! I’m trying to keep up with my 30 day challenge and was going to write about my visit to Poland. However, since it was a very windblown day, I wanted to post some pictures from my last spring break down in the Caribbean. I know, I know, I only just got back from Florida and I wrote a post about wanting snow. Apparently I just can’t deal with the chilly wind!

Hopefully I’ll be back down there soon!

Also, random question, do any of you know how to change the time settings on here? Mine has been wrong ever since I started. Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Beach… Already

    • florence & lavender says:

      The swimming pigs live on an island in the Bahamas. The story is that they were abandoned there when the owners evacuated during a hurricane and they’ve been there ever since! Sometimes there’s piglets too :D. I just upgraded to the Canon EOS 7D and am loving it. Before that I had the 40D and so the older shots are from that one. It recently died so its going to get fixed and passed down to my brother!

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