Sarasota Sunshine

Day 2 of my blogging challenge! Today I wanted to share some photos from my holiday in Sarasota. I have been many times and always stay on Longboat Key, but there are many lovely areas!

For my family its a time to catch up and enjoy being together… While boating around like crazy people. (We blame it on the fact that my father is a Pisces…)

We love seeing all of the wildlife there. Here are a few!



Dolphins (always exciting to see!)

We also took a trip to Myakka River State Park where we saw an alligator… Or 3… Or 10…

It was beautiful there… Except for the scary but very cool prehistoric alligators.

Another great place to learn about all of the creatures in Florida waters is the Mote Aquarium.

Wait not that one… That’s just a brother…

There are also 2 manatees, Hugh and Buffett, as well as a wonderful Sea Turtle program. It’s definitely a great place to visit!

Besides enjoying the diverse wildlife in the area, we also had some visitors of the human variety! My sister’s boyfriend, my brother’s girlfriend, and one of my good friend, Martyna, came to join us.

Martyna with a giant horseshoe crab shell.

My sister and her bf enjoying the fireworks over the bay on New Year’s. (My poor bf was stuck in NYC working… So sad…)

Some of us visited the Ringling Museum of Art. It’s so fun! There is an amazing collection of circus objects in buildings right next to an awesome art collection.

This is from the world’s largest miniature circus that was built over 50 years by Howard Tibbals.

It’s quite amazing!

There is even a new interactive portion of the museum. Here is a model of one of the clown cars. Plus a brother…

We also took an unexpected (and very cold) trip to St. Petersburg. My Dad was the only one who knew where we were going and we were soooo not prepared for the almost 2 hour boat ride. We always made sure we asked after that!

And I can’t forget the food…

It didn’t last very long…

Sighhh… I’m going to miss that life!

Until next time!

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