Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

Back in the beginning of December, I had the privilege of travelling to Miami for Art Basel. It was a very interesting experience seeing the art world in such an overly commercial way. However, it was fun and I enjoyed every minute.


First stop was the design district…

There were lots of mural projects underway around the artsy areas of the city.


Then a visit to the amazing Margulies Collection…

Olafur Eliasson,Β Inverted Berlin Sphere, 2005, mixed media

Dan Flavin,Β Untitled, in memory of Harold Joachim, 1977, pink, blue, green, and yellow fluorescent lights, fixtures

Then on to the Rubell Family Collection…

Jason Rhoades, Untitled (Chandelier), 2004, glass, wire, neon, Plexiglass, fabric, plastic


Then to the Wynwood Arts District for a tour of the area…

Shepard Fairey murals


We visited Seven, a very different art fair model…

It was a very chill atmosphere. Much more relaxed than some of the other shows.


The Design Miami show… My favourite of the week!


Then on to the show!

Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2011, mixed media

The interior of a sculpture by Olafur Eliasson, Your plural view, 2011, mirror, stainless steel, aluminum

It was a great trip! Hopefully I will be able to go back next year!


And you all should know that I am going to challenge myself to a 30 day blogging extravaganza. I’ve been so bad about it for the past few months (travelling and then major schoolwork tends to put a damper on such things…) so I am going to try my best! I’m sure there will some super random posts by the end. Enjoy!

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