New York I Love You

Since I am leaving for home tomorrow evening, I thought I’d do a little post on my time here in New York City thus far. All of the photos were taken on my Fujifilm Instax Mini which I love oh so much! My big camera has been out of commission since Munich so I’ve been carrying this little guy around the city.

Ahhh… the beginning… it all began with a little Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I began missing trees pretty early… My solution is long walks in Central Park.

If you’ve been following I’m sure you remember this picture of the crazy goats in the Central Park Zoo. My childhood bestie Sarah was there to rile them up!

I loved the zoo. So fun. Yes, I am 22 years old.

Outside the Mac store after Steve Jobs’ passing.

The New York Marathon. Congrats to all you brave enough to run it!

They had all the streets closed around the park which made for a good picture. When else would you get a shot like this?

The leaves have begun to fall and we’ve had some beautiful evenings.

A nice Fall picture from last Friday. It has all of the New York essentials: buildings in the background, the park, and taxis.

Needless to say, I have been loving my time in this city but I cannot wait to be home!

See you all in Canoodia πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “New York I Love You

  1. Colie says:

    Beautiful shots!!! I know the feeling of missing trees and being trapped in the city — I take a walk up Mount Royal everyday to make me feel better. I miss the lake though. I need me my Lake Ontario!

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