Belgian Chocolate

Sorry for my delay in posts! I had my crazy midterm weeks and during that time I think my brain turned to mush. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it before! Anywho, let’s continue!

After my month in Paris, I hopped on a train and ran off to Belgium for a week. I started in Ghent, where I had a couple of rainy days to wander around the beautiful city. I had never been to Belgium before and this definitely was a great place to start. It was so historic and very easy to get around. I was amazed to find every main site was so incredibly close to each other! I walked for an hour one day trying to get from one place to another. I eventually retraced my steps and found that they were directly adjacent. I had a good laugh at myself for that.

I stayed at a really gorgeous hotel that was an old mill. My room was huge with old wood beams across the ceiling and large windows looking out over a canal. I loved it!

After a couple of days, I woke up terribly ill (it had all finally caught up to me!) but I hopped on a train to spend a day in Bruges. Another beautiful city, I wandered around in a sick haze and enjoyed all of the sites and amazing art (I think I’ve seen everything I’ve ever studied in my Art History classes now!).

This totally creeped me out every time I walked by it…

Oh look! Blue sky! The first I had seen in a month.

After my quick stop in Bruges (where I also overdosed on waffles) I moved on to Antwerp to stay with my dear friend Jennifer and her amazing family. They were so warm and they really opened their home to me. It was so nice to be with them! Her mom made us the most amazing meals. After mainly eating cheese and baguettes for a month (and waffles…) a home-cooked meal was awesome.

On my first day there, Jennifer and I hopped on a train to Oostende to lie on the beach (since it was going to be sunny!).

When we got off the train and started to walk towards the beach, all of these neat fish stands were lined up along the water.

I caught this cute picture while lounging on a beach chair in the sun:

He was trying to sleep but baby was just not having it!

The next day we toured around Antwerp, which was yet another amazing city! Since the main art museum was under renovations until 2017, several of the important works within its collection were hung inside one of the largest cathedrals in the city.

At the end of our rainy day wandering around Antwerp, we went to a chocolate bar. That’s right, I said it, a chocolate BAR. It was awesome. And kind of hilarious because the place was filled with women…

Here is just one of the treats we got there!

Mmmm… I miss it!!

After our day in Antwerp, we went to Brussels to see our friend Samia for a hilarious lunch. She always makes us laugh!

And after those few days in Belgium, it was time to move on to Germany to visit our other friend Isa. Even though it was not the best weather, I had an incredible time with Jennifer and her amazing family. I’ll be back soon!

Miss you πŸ™‚

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