A little more Paris…

Let me just say now that this past weekend was awesome. Truly amazing.

Here is a little snapshot:


Definitely much more exciting than my crazy school schedule of 3 group projects and 1 essay. Ewwww…

Anyways, I said that I would discuss more of my Parisian adventures. For our class, we had to choose 1 theme that we would explore throughout the month. I of course chose tourists for I am one and I find us hilarious and even occasionally a little touching.

Here are my collection of images that I eventually presented for the final exhibition. They were taken in Paris, Versailles, and Marseille. I found it quite difficult for I am not always comfortable taking pictures of unsuspecting people.



Please feel free to post comments and suggestions. I am quite used to criticism now! Well, almost.

5 thoughts on “A little more Paris…

  1. soulcherie says:

    This are really funny pictures of Paris. This city is so exiting and you can always find something new. I love the pic witht the Madonna and the candles. But all the rest of your pics are really not-stereotype. Well done! I am looking forward to see more stuff posted by you πŸ™‚ Cheers, Sonja

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