Light and Fluffy

Instead of going into a long description about my rainy July in Paris I thought I would start with something light and fluffy that we can all appreciate.

The food.

Obviously I became a regular at Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. I have no idea how much money I spent on macarons… Good news is, there is now a Ladurée in New York City! Goodbye savings!

This is what I found in Marseilles. A giant strawberry meringue. As you can see, it was bigger than my hand. These will definitely be on my dessert list for next summer.

On one of our final nights, we went out to Le Soufflé for… well.. soufflés. I had a appetizer soufflé, a main course soufflé, and a dessert soufflé. I felt very fluffy after all of that. Delicious though and it had to be done.

Now, I also did have some relatively normal meals. For some reason I found myself eating a lot of steak frites… It was probably due to the fact that we were doing 8-10 hour days of photography while traipsing around Paris. It’s a hard life.

I also had the most expensive meal of my life (thus far) at L’Ambroisie. I actually had shrimp that seemed to melt in my mouth. It was very strange but my favourite course of the evening (out of 4). I felt incredibly awkward for there were only a couple of other groups at the restaurant so my friend and I felt like we had to whisper the whole evening. We also didn’t have the fanciest clothes since we packed for running around Europe and not fancy dining! However, it was an experience that I could not miss! Thank you to the parents for sponsoring that little adventure.

More serious topics coming tomorrow! I promise…


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