New Life in NYC

Hey All!

It has been several months since I’ve last written. My summer was all about travel and that does not always equal the best internet. I was in Paris for the month of July taking a photography course through Parsons (which was very intense but I would recommend it!) and then visited friends in Belgium, Germany, Poland, and Italy. I have some stories and pictures to share with you all!

But first I have to comment on the fact that I have moved to the big city. I am no longer in small town Ontario, that’s for sure.

Before I left for Europe, I found out that I got into a grad program here in New York City. It has been such a whirlwind. My lucky parents had to basically organize everything for me. I flew back to Canada late one night at the end of August, slept (since I can’t sleep on planes at all… anyone else have this problem?), got up, packed 4 bags, and hopped on a plane the next afternoon. I was home for less than 24 hours! My mother really helped me through it all. She kept me going or told me to sleep when jet lag was catching up to me! When we got here we stayed in a hotel because we weren’t even sure when we would be getting into my apartment (chosen by my parents) and when we finally did, we did the biggest Bed, Bath, and Beyond trip of my life. Filled up an entire SUV taxi. Good times! The next morning she left and I was left to face the idea of going back to school for another year. I thought that part of my life was over! However, it is definitely worth it. Especially for the shopping…

That is the first part of the insanity that has been my last few months. Tomorrow I will backtrack and share some of my adventures from Europe!

Oh, and I miss trees. Everyone go out and hug a tree today.

My lovely view. Why helllooooo Chrysler Building.

And yes, I got an iphone…


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