Syracuse II

Last week I decided to take a little trip to Syracuse to see the boy before he starts his long summer of working. It was so lovely there! Everything was green and flowers were on every single tree and in every single garden. Then when I drove back home yesterday it was gloomy and brown… I should have stayed!

We went on a few adventures. For one, we went for a hike along one of the many lakes in the region at the Green Lakes State Park. We passed these deer on the way into the park and I was able to snap a quick but somewhat blurry picture!


And blluuee skkyyy!!! Though I don’t think these pictures do it justice since I didn’t have my big camera with me…

We took the crazy puppy along with us which was quite the experience. He was all over the place! It was too funny. This is the one calm moment I was able to capture.

And yes… I finally got to see Jane Eyre. Made my life.

As Leslie commented on my post about how badly I wanted to see it, Mia W. got better and better as the movie went on and he just got hotter and hotter. So very true.

We saw it at the Manlius Art Cinema which is a great little theatre in the town of Manlius outside of Syracuse. Its the only theatre that I’ve been to where the owner tells you the plot of the movie and interesting facts about its history and making. You can check out their website (Β and you can also “like” the Manlius Art Cinema on Facebook! I recommend you stop in if you are ever passing through.

We took a little road trip to Ithaca as well. Its always fun to go to the farmer’s market there because its so big! I always want all the cheese and fresh farm eggs but I know they won’t last the drive back home…

And herbs… Mmmm…

We went for a walk along the Ithaca Commons and stopped for lunch (where I had the artisanal cheese plate… obviously…) and this yummy cocktail:

I’m sure my wino parents would not agree with a super fruity cocktail paired with a cheese plate. Oh well!

We then moved on to the Ithaca Brewery (Β which was a lot of fun! We took the tour which was basically in one room. I got a variety of 6 different beers for my parents and some ginger beer for myself.

We finished the day off at Buttermilk Falls. There are a few waterfalls all around the region. They’re all so pretty.

I hope you all had a good weekend and an even better Mother’s Day!

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