English Evening

After working diligently all weekend on my essay and getting very little sleep, my cousin Hailey, my friend Jane, and I decided to have a very English evening.

We made some roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, and mashed potatoes mmmm… and we hunkered down to watch the new TV version of Jane Austen’s Emma.

Basically, it was awesome.

This is how our evening began. I think we were all lacking sleep…

And we all got overly excited by the idea of meat. It is something all university students tend to lack as the year goes on πŸ˜€

The Yorkshire puddings worked out perfectly! I don’t want to know how many I ate.

All of this reminded me so much of home! This has been a staple meal in our house since I was able to eat solids. We would call the Yorkshire puddings “hockey pucks.”


Yorkshire puddings (recipe courtesy of Mama Sifton & Granny Cuthbert)

2 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp. kosher salt

6 large eggs

2-Β½ cups milk

Crisco to grease muffin pan


Preheat Oven: 425


Stir together flour and salt

Place in large bowl, make a well, put eggs in the center

Slowly whisk eggs into the flour until paste forms

Gradually whisk in Β½ cup of milk

Gradually whisk in remaining 2 cups of milk

Cover in plastic wrap, chill at least 4 hours


Grease Β muffin pans with Crisco and place them in the oven. Watch through the door until it smokes a little bit/until clear.

When hot, take it out, put it on top of stove, take batter from fridge, give quick whisk, and then pour in the muffin pans.

Bake for 25 mins.

Make sure they are well brown before removing from oven (and make sure you absolutely do not open and close the oven door while they are baking!)


Roast Beef:

There are several different cuts that you can use for roast beef: eye of round, sirloin tip, or a rump/inside round – must be prime or choice grade (I used inside round because it is the cheapest cut and it was still delicious!)

Preheat oven at 550 (or 500 if your oven temp does not go that high)

Let the meat come to room temperature

Put on rack in shallow pan and do not cover

When you place it in oven reduce the heat to 350 then just do it 20 mins per pound for medium rare – medium well would be 30 mins a pound


If you are making Yorkshire puddings for the meal as well, just cover the meat while they bake.


I do hope you try these two yummy English must-haves!












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