Kitchen Disasters

So I have refrained from posting this week for one obvious reason… It has been a series of kitchen disasters! I tried to make a few new things and nothing really turned out the way I wanted it to.The only thing that did work are some awesome chocolate cupcakes.

Here is the first disaster:

I tried to make caramel but I couldn’t fit the pan in the fridge, so I placed them in our chilly back room. However, it is now quite warm here and so it never hardened. So its still back there, being a weird syrupy mess….

Second disaster:

This was my first attempt at making macarons. I tried to make them green but they ended up coming out a very funny light green tone with tinges of brown hahaha. The batter wouldn’t hold and neither would the icing for it was so warm in my kitchen. My boyfriend still loves them though! I will try and make them again sometime but with another recipe.

Third disaster:

I wanted to make some healthy pancakes so I used a recipe for some whole wheat cinnamon pancakes. Since I didn’t have one of the ingredients, I substituted it with something else and I’m pretty sure that’s when they died… So we tossed them out.

Finally, the one thing that worked!

I made some St. Patrick’s Day themed chocolate cupcakes for my class yesterday.

And a nice big one for my friend Tiffany!

I will post this recipe one day for it is definitely my favourite chocolate cake recipe. I just need to decide whether I want to share it or not…


Have a fantastic weekend!

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