Syracuse, NY

This past weekend I ventured down to Syracuse, NY for my bf to visit his family for his birthday. We tried to do schoolwork, but that didn’t really work out…

His family actually lives outside of the city in a beautiful little town and I just love to visit! I loved getting some time with their pets as well. I miss my dogs!

And of course, what does a Canadian do when they go to the states? Shop!

And we also had to hit up Dinosaur BBQ… obviously…

And here is a picture of Syracuse in the rain through the front window of my car. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving at the time… All of the buildings are lit up at night though this probably isn’t the best depiction of that…

And of course the weekend ended in cake!

It’s was so beautiful outside today! Do you think it will stay this way? Please?? Pretty please??


(Sorry for the ginormous massive pictures… Don’t really know what happened there!)

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