Best Photographs: Italy

So to break up the repetitive food thing I have going, I thought I would post some of my favourite photographs from Italy. All of these were taken when I was in Venice for a month a couple of years ago. It was an amazing opportunity and my friends and I traveled all over the place.

I hope you enjoy!

You may recognize this one from my header! It was taken in Michelangelo’s Grotto in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Looovvveee iitt….

I loved the look of this gondola man. I especially love his Italian Mickey Mouse pin!

Some umbrellas hanging out to dry on the island of Burano.

More Burano. It was so colourful! I could easily live there.

Bikes lined up on the island of Lido.

One of my favourite sculptures of allll time.

My friend Kate loves this guy!

This photo was taken during our gondola ride. I didn’t realize that I had my camera set to black and white but I love the way it turned out.

One of the many narrow walkways in Venice!

The canals in Venice.

Caught this man walking down the street in either Verona or Bologna… I cannot remember but it turned out beautifully!


I hope you liked them! I know I have a lot of favourites from that trip hahaha. It was just so inspiring!


3 thoughts on “Best Photographs: Italy

  1. Laurence V says:

    Torie I am absolutely loving this blog and am so proud of you for the initiative!
    The Italy pictures are absolutely perfect. When are we going back?

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