Mumford & Sons

Everyone should know that I have a serious love for U.K. music. I find that many contemporary artists sound somewhat similar these days and so I typically end up listening to the classics I grew up with like The Eagles, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and Carole King. However, lately I have found that what they have been doing in the U.K. has been a wonderful detour from things like the usual Britney Spears.

I kept seeing the Mumford & Sons CD Sigh No More everywhere and always picked it up and put it back down. That was up until I was at the gym one day watching the Brit Awards. I watched in awe as the guys sang the most beautiful song using just their voices and a guitar (or was it a banjo? I cannot remember but they play those as well…) That is just so hard to come by nowadays with auto-tune and all that. So basically I had an epiphany right there in the gym… a gympiphany I guess! I decided then that I had to add them to my ever-growing list of fave U.K. musicians such as The Frames, Florence and the Machine, and Adele.

You have to check out their music! And if you have any new music to recommend, let me know!

The Frames

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine



All photos from Google Images

3 thoughts on “Mumford & Sons

  1. Cheryl Manchester says:

    Ah “The knight of Calabria.” I did a paper on Signore Preti once. Baroque, right? And lots of feast paintings. Were you cooking the entire time you were writing the paper?
    By the way I made the breakfast pizza – it was delicious, great idea. I was going to make the Guinness cake but your bad boy cousins drank it all before I got a chance!
    Miss your happy face,
    Auntie Ches

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