My Top 5 Places in the Bahamas

Brace yourself, for this will be a lonnnggg post (and I was trying not to do that…)

My parents loovvee the Bahamas and because of that I typically get to travel down there a couple times a winter (it’s a hard life). They tend to have ADD when it comes to resort life so we move around on our boat. Our favourite places to go are in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas and it is amaazziingg! It’s filled with almost deserted islands, long beaches, and the clearest water ever.

So here are my favourite places to go. If you ever have the chance, go! It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Highbourne Cay

This is my favourite island. It has a variety of beaches to choose from and there are never any other people on them! It also has the best fishing (fresh mahi mahi anyone?) and some great snorkelling and diving.

(Yes, that is my butt.)

2. Sampson Cay

Another favourite of my entire family, this island also has deserted beaches that are all connected by rocky nature paths. Close by there is Thunderball Cave (you may know it from the James Bond movie of the same name) which is so fun to snorkel in at low tide. Also, there is a funny little place called Big Major where you can go and feed the wild pigs! They swim out to you so they get a work out at the same time…

Oh, this island also has cottages to rent for a pretty good price.

3. Allen’s Cay

This is always a fun stop. It has a species of iguana that you can only find on this island. They come out onto the beach when visitors arrive and they always love it when you bring fruit along! Just make sure you don’t have bright nail polish on your toes…

4. MacDuff’s at Norman’s Cay

We pull up to this spot by boat and park right on the beach when we are looking for a yummy-not-leftover-fish lunch.  An old school friend of my Dad’s runs it and it is an amazing place! My Mom’s friend thought that Disney had made it.

5. Warderick Wells at the Exuma Land and Sea Park

This is the only place in the Bahamas where I have seen a ray jump. It was beautiful. They pride themselves on conserving the islands and the sea and they do a wonderful job at it. Last time we were there, we pulled up to the beach, had some homemade sandwiches that we brought along, and then went on a 2 hour hike.

We ended up passing a snake,

a little ray in a tidal pool,

a cave (which we made my brother climb into… obviously…),

and climbing up to the top of the biggest hill to look out over a beautiful view.

And as always, we ended at the blowholes that look out over the cliffside. They call “Boo Boo Hill” because there was apparently a shipwreck off the rocks and people believed that the sounds from the blowholes were those who drowned.

Anywho, there are my top 5 favourite places in one of the most remote and beautiful areas of the world! I hope you can visit someday!


5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Places in the Bahamas

  1. Leslie Hobson says:

    Torie~ I have visited 3 of your 5 and agree totally. However, I would prefer you stop spreading the word about these marvelous destinations as the lack of tourists is an inherent part of their charm! Great photos too.

  2. Jill says:

    We also love the Bahamas. Last week we had a trip to Rose Island for snorkeling and sunning. At Christmas we stayed in Georgetown, Exuma, rented a small boat to checkout out the Stocking Island area. If I was tech. savy I would add photos from Junkanoo we experienced. It was amazing how a small community put on a wonderful party parade.

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