Hello all!

My name is Victoria (/Torie since I typically don’t respond to Victoria… But I’m trying to be professional here!) and this is my blog. I chose to title it Florence and Lavender for these are 2 of my favourite things. As an Art History student, my head has been filled with images from the wonderful city of Florence and the art that has emerged from it. Then, a couple of years ago, I had a chance to travel there with some of my best art friends and ever since I have been in love with the city!

I love lavender for it reminds me of my trips to France and England. I went to Oxford for a month when I was in high school and in almost every field there waved lavender. You could smell it for miles. Then, for a graduation present I went to Paris with my mother. Our hotel had crates of lavender sitting outside the doors everyday. So now, whenever I smell lavender, I am reminded of all of these beautiful places, art, and feelings.

I wanted to explain my reasoning behind the title for maybe it would tell you a little more about me! Being a student here at university has made my life full of essays, exams, and committees and I am ready for some creativity! I will be sharing my travels, photography, kitchen adventures, and the occasional fashion inspiration (I do love my fashion blogs – what girl doesn’t?).

I hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Nicole Ciciretto says:

    This is awesome Torie!! 🙂 I love this idea, its great. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂 ❤

  2. Kathleen Handfield says:

    Darling!!! I love your name! So cute! And I like your picture of the pig!!!
    Hehehehe am I one of those best art friend? We should go back again m’dear!

  3. Cheryl Manchester says:

    Love your blog Torie Rae!! You could work for National Geographic as a photographer. BUT you forgot to mention all the sharks and the Jack’s that bite your fingers. I’m intrigued with the island where you can rent cottages for a good price – that is definitely work looking into. Thanks for the tip.
    Auntie Cheshie

  4. Colie says:

    Torie!! I just found this wonderful thing!!! You have inspired me to make my own as I too am languishing from a lack of artistic outlet at University. Your pictures are beautiful! Just like the girl who took them! And the name of your blog made me smile!

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